Popular application of automotive electronics

This has led car manufacturers can not be selected according to their own design needs, Popular application of automotive electronics Articles also resulted in higher cost. The same time, when the car broke and can not accurately determine the specific is what part of a problem. This is not conducive to the accumulation of core technology and enhance market competitiveness of the automobile manufacturers.

“At present, the mode of cooperation of the automobile manufacturers, Freescale can according to the design requirements of automotive manufacturers, customized service. Vehicle manufacturers hope to master all parts of the car and master the core technology in order for their own models specifically the mix of different hardware and software configuration. mode of cooperation, according to the requirements of vehicle manufacturers. “Freescale Semiconductor Asia-Pacific region, field marketing and business development general manager Zhanghuan Lin told reporters.

In addition, the vehicle auto manufacturers, Foton, FAW and upstream automotive electronics manufacturers to expand the deep co-operation can shorten development cycles, accelerate the introduction of a new generation of cars.

CCID Consulting Yuan Yuan used auto parts told the “China Electronics News” reporter: “This cooperation is an independent car brands to enhance the competitiveness of an initiative from the situation of the automotive market performance, the joint venture brands and imported brands, sales of motor vehicles, In contrast, the autonomous vehicle brand’s market performance slightly inferior to cooperate to find a more mature automotive electronics manufacturers, and receive customized services, which contribute to the upgrading of the core technology of autonomous vehicle brands and independent play . ”

Current, popular applications are mainly three aspects of the new energy vehicles, vehicle safety, communications, entertainment system.

The degree of automotive car cameras and car dvr electronics continues to deepen, to “basic functions” from the peripheral functions. Car of the 1980s to achieve the function of automotive electronics car audio, air conditioning, wiper, etc.; to 2010, with the function of the electric power steering devices, vehicle navigation, engine control, airbag, etc.; estimated that in 2015, features will be implemented by the automotive electronics, autopilot, before the collision warning and monitoring.

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