You are a product and creator of your opportunity

Does corporate employees ‘product of an opportunity’ or ‘creators of an opportunity’? Of course,You are a product and creator of your opportunity Articles they are the product of an opportunity as well as creators of an opportunity too. How a question can have diagonally two opposite possibilities as an answer?

But the truth is that answers to every question will have two answers and more often than not they will be quite opposite to each other.

How do we see and understand man 천안 오피 as whether the corporate man is the creator or product of the opportunity? To find a perfect answer to the above question, he or she should look at the nature and different vegetation types.

Only certain types of plants alone can grow in arid zone and not all. Similarly, only some plant species alone can grow well in rain forests and so is in desert zone. The dispersal of seeds or stem or roots of these plants would not have restricted to a region. It would have got dispersed everywhere. The seeds do not have the choice or selection possibility as where to get dispersed so that it can grow well.

When a plant resides inside the seed, it is in a dormant state and hence wherever it gets dispersed / deposited by wind or water or animals or birds etc. it has to be there and strive to live there. Under such circumstances, the plant (when it is in a seed) is nothing but the product of an opportunity. It has to accept whatever be the opportunity is prevalent in the habitat where it had been dispersed. Indeed when the plant in the dormant state is the product the opportunity.

When the same plant started to grow, it firm up its position first in the soil, search food & water, look for sunlight and then grow. When the plant start growing (no more dormant state), they never accepts the philosophy of they are the product of an opportunity, it start creating its opportunity to survive successfully.

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